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MEd Graduate Works at Publishing and Presenting Capstone Paper

It has been just more than a year since Patricia Regier graduated from the Master of Education in Adult Education at Yorkville University, but she remains passionate about and driven by the work she did there. So, much so that Regier continues to work to have her capstone paper published and uses it as the basis for presentations and to help organizations succeed in collaboration.


At Yorkville University, students in the Masters of Education in Adult Education and Educational Leadership programs are required to complete a capstone project, akin to a thesis.

Regier’s capstone was an action research paper titled “Learning How to Work in Collaboration” and explored how organizations can work well together including how to navigate boundaries in interagency projects/programs.

“There is a lot I still want to do with this research and share what I have learned to help organizations succeed in partnerships,” Regier said. “I believe effective collaborative partnerships can impact meaningful change.”

And although Regier has left the readings and discussion boards associated with this online master program behind, she continues to work on the material and making final revisions to have it published in a professional journal.

She also shared her research in a workshop at the McMaster Institute for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning Conference last December.

Regier, a mother of two living in the Niagara region of southern Ontario, currently works as the Director of Partnerships and Education in the non-profit sector. She is responsible for a wide range of organizational management including human resources, program development, reports, training, health & safety, strategic planning, quality improvement, health promotion and cultivating collaborative partnerships. It’s an area she has worked in for 18 years before enrolling to do her Master of Education at Yorkville.


Regier said she was driven to pursue her masters by a mix of wanting to improve her ability to do her current job, open up future career opportunities and, in the long term, move into academia.

“I am glad I did it at this stage after having been in the workforce for 18 years I knew more about who I was and where I wanted to take this,” she said. “The learning and growth I experienced in those two years were amazing and more than I anticipated.”

The capstone project brought together her work experience and education at Yorkville University and Regier said it feels natural to continue dive into the subject matter at a whole new level.

“I am still very passionate about my paper and I am excited to get it to a point of publishing,” she said. “To take a large capstone project to scale it back enough to have it published in a journal, but maintain all the information takes some work.”

Regier has been working with Yorkville’s Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Rita Kop, to have the paper published.


“It is a privilege to continue to work with Dr. Kop. It definitely is great for me, and for Yorkville as well, to have their graduates publish work,” Regier said. “This process is providing additional growth and learning to take something that was for school and develop it to a different level for publishing.”

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